To make collaboration with emerging countries work


  • Enable Agility

    Enable Agility

    The agility of an organization is the outcome of an interplay of many factors. ECOTEC partners with AgilityInsights when organizations want to decode their mode of operation and become more agile....


  • Manage Innovations

    Manage Innovations

    Silicon Savannah is where globalization and digitization meet on a greenfield. A unique innovation culture has been the result. Kenya has become the global leader in mobile money, innovations and innovative business models emerge in the energy sector, healthcare and the training and education sector....


  • Management Consultancy & Organizational Development

    Management Consultancy & Organizational Development

    Manage the system and not the people. That is our approach. For private, public, profit-oriented and non-profit-oriented organizations...


  • Infrastructure Development: Institution Building

    Infrastructure Development: Institution Building

    Our innovative approaches in institution building create people-centered management systems and output-oriented structures. The empowerment of people is our focus. ...