• Trauma – What we can learn from Africa

    Trauma – What we can learn from Africa

    Trauma – a one-day workshop on SHIP® – Spontaneous Healing Intra-systemic Process (in English) SHIP® is a psycho-biodynamic oriented psychotherapy for trauma that originated from grounded theory. It rests on the principle that we are endowed with spontaneous healing potential characterized by a natural disposition towards a solution, psychobiological balance &...


  • Management Consultancy & Organizational Development

    Management Consultancy & Organizational Development

    Manage the system and not the people. That is our approach. For private, public, profit-oriented and non-profit-oriented organizations...


  • Infrastructure Development: Institution Building

    Infrastructure Development: Institution Building

    Our innovative approaches in institution building create people-centered management systems and output-oriented structures. The empowerment of people is our focus. ...


  • Know how transfer through training & seminars

    Know how transfer through training & seminars

    We are Licensed Content Associate of Management 3.0. We transfer AGILE methodologies. Management 3.0 is a people centric approach, based on self-motivation by purpose and meaning....